miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

About me

I´m Paula Pérez-Cejuela and I´m 22 years old. I´m from the north of Spain, more exactly from Miranda de Ebro a little town between Burgos and the Vasc Country.

I finished my Advertisement and Public Relations degree at Pontifical University of Salamanca and I am currently doing an English course at International Sussex Down College in Eastbourne where I´m living now.

In a future I would like to work in an advertising agency or in a comunication department of a company, mainly like a brand manager but I like other areas of advertisement as public relations and events manager, account manager or copywriter as well.

I always look forward to continue learning more to bring new ideas and show my professional talent.

The future left for me is to come.


Hobbies and interests

I am a restless person, love of the world and a friend of my friends. Every day I like to learn and discover new things, monotonous bores me.

I´m an entrepreneurial and traveler person with various hobbies. I love travelling and meet new cultures and new people too because I think it enriches the people and help to be an open mind to learn about everything.
When I have free time I usually travel to other countries to know other ways of life and cultures.

Other hobby is fashion and I would like to start my education and learning everything I can in this area. At present, I usually read some fashion magazines and I follow some fashion bloggers as well.
I usually read a number of gendres, for instance marketing and advertisement, biography or thriller books because I need the book grab me.

Last, but not least hobby is watching films and series. I love watching good series, the last one I saw It was Mad Men and I was fascinated by it series which provided an overview on the birth on advertising.


I like web design and create programs as well and I did some work at University and others for some contests, some of them are Photoshop, Indesign, Ilustrator, Dreamweaver or Wordpress.

Furthermore I usually use Microsoft Word, Micrososft Power Point and Microsoft Excel, also planning programs media and audiences like Tom Micro and Kantar Media.

About languages: Native Spanish / English B2